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24 giugno 2010


Tratto da Il Giornalino nº 26 del 27 giugno 2010.

E questo è il redazionale di introduzione al fumetto.

The actual spatial immersion into a painting is a powerful way to prompt contemplation of its many facets.
My project is not only a creative piece of work on its own; it stands in a larger context.
It provides the unusual opportunity to view the painting from a unique perspective, revealing aspects that would normally stay hidden from the casual viewer.
When we discern the original painting in this three-dimensional reproduction, we recognize which features most significantly constitute the painting.
Consequently this three-dimensional exploration of Picasso's Guernica is an innovative technique for comprehending and appreciating the original masterpiece.

My primary intention for the project was to create a provoking and deep contemplation of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica.
Is my model a true reconstruction of the Picasso’s painting, or is it merely a rough re-visualization?
Is it still Picasso’s art or has it, through my addition of third dimension, become something completely different?
It is not my place to answer those questions nor to determine the relationship between my three-dimensional reproduction and the original painting.
Perhaps this is a question best left in the hands of critics.

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