16 maggio 2014

A tutto vapore

Tratto dal nº 15 del 13 aprile 1975 del Giornalino.

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Bernd W. ha detto...

in 1976 five stories of Bill Fracassa were published in the german comic magazine Zack under the title Bomm Giovanni. I try to find in which issue of Giornalino the stories were originally published. I know the Bill Fracassa-series lasted only two years from Giornalino 21/1973 until 19/1975 and I have 12 Giornalino-issues with Bill Fracassa in it but none of the stories matches the stories in Zack. Are there any Giornalino specialists who can help me find the Giornalino-issue with the stories and their original title? I can send scans of the first pages of these five stories.
with regards

Korentin Orient ha detto...

please send me the scans to agliardif@gmail.com. I try to help you.