5 giugno 2014

Lo scarabeo d'oro

Tratto dal nº 23 del 7 giugno 1964 al nº 24 del 14 giugno 1964 del Corriere dei Piccoli.

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Henry R. Kujawa ha detto...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL art!!! Wow.

I've been working on a POE blog project for the last 8 months, and found your blog by accident, while looking for Dino Battaglia's "Il Scarabeo D'Oro" and "La Lettera Rubata" from CDP in 1971!

This reminds me of the stuff they often ran in "BOY'S LIFE" magazine.

I've been trying to assemble every POE comics adaptation I can fnid in one place. it all starts here...


Henry R. Kujawa ha detto...

I've just re-posted "IL SCARABEO D'ORO" at my blog with some minor clean-ups. I've also included a link to your blog and a "special thanks"!

Would you happen to have those 2 Dino Battaglia POE stories that were run in "CORRIERE DEI PICCOLI" ? I'd love to be able to add them to the collection.

Corrierino ha detto...

The two episodes of Poe's "Gold Bug" are part of my personal collection of Corriere dei Piccoli. I'm sorry but I do not have other copies to give you in order to add to your collection.