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19 aprile 2012

Il pallone che si portò via Danny

Tratto dal nº 51 del 17 dicembre 1967 del Corriere dei Piccoli.

Dan Nowell, who didn't hear the command to let go of the balloon line, is yanked from the ground in Mill Valley in 1964.
(Photo: Sal Veder)

Dan Nowell recovers from being dragged by a balloon in 1964.
(Photo: Chronicle Archives)

Joe DiMaggio stands with Danny Nowell, who in April 1964 became a celebrity when he was accidentally tethered to a hot-air balloon and was lifted 3,000 feet in the air. He and the balloon pilot landed safely after 10 minutes with Nowell only suffering a temporary hand injury.
(Photo: Philip J. Planert - Date Taken: 4/28/64)

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